Just Keep Going

There's no surprise that this post is late. You know, holidays and the recovering from holidays. Germs and the recovering from germs. Usually all at once. I'm going to start off by saying the big, sad thing that's taking over most of my thoughts right now. My uncle had a heart attack and died yesterday. He was only about fifty years old. Just gone. I haven't had to deal with death much in my life, been fairly sheltered from it beyond losing pets. And this is some weird, surreal stuff. I can't say he and I were real close, but we talked at the family gatherings, got along, and he's always been there, trying to convince my cousins to go to college or just being there, helping out, trying to be

Briefly Opening the Fog Curtain

I might have said something like this in another recent post, but it's what I wrote down on this eye-retina-searing pink sticky note as a topic for this week: And now that I've shared this, I don't really know what else to say about it, to expand or explain. It's straightforward, right? For example, reading and discussing Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic, with my friend, especially the most recent section entitled "Permission", in regards to living creatively and making things. I have given myself permission, it's definitely in there, in the deep recesses in my brain . . . or is it? Maybe it's not? I don't know. Now I am doubting myself because this is how I am today. . . Talking about it

I Just Wanna Skyrim

Despite going through post-busy-time fallout, I am sticking with my intention of a weekly blog post. Go me! After the lead up to and actual vending at the craft show, I am ready to hide away from the world, do nothing productive, and "test" my new monitor further by playing Skyrim (years later than everyone else, as my usual when it comes to video games) for all the days. Typing last week's post made me realize that looking at my monitor makes my face try to explode so now I have a new one that doesn't, and it's wonderful to do things on the computer when you don't have pain in your face whenever you look at it. Luxury! The craft show went about as well as it usually does, as far as sales go

Craft Show on the Brain

Another busy week. I'm having trouble keeping everything straight, all the small projects I want to finish this week. But, you know what? This has been a really good week. As of this moment in time, I feel like I'm finally defeating those demons that have gnawed on my brain for the last many years. And I'm happy this feeling has lasted more than a day and even more than a week. There have been a few bad periods, but they have only lasted a day. It's so awesome to have the bads for a day and the goods for most of the time. So much better. Not to say this is how it will always be, but for now, it's so nice. I have a list of things to write about, but my brain is scattered because I have the cr

An Etsy Tale and NaNoWriMo Urgings

A very busy last week full of chores, errands, holiday preparation, Halloween and eleventh wedding anniversary celebrations so here is a late blog post. I have not forgotten, just had to prioritize life. Because of this, I wrote myself a note of two topics to share and talk about at you, whoever you are, my readers, as soon as I had the chance to sit down and write it out at length. First up, my friend, Ashley, had made some Louise Belcher (from the show Bob's Burgers) pink bunny ear hats, and was looking to sell. She came over during the week and we set her up with an Etsy store of her very own. Before you're allowed to officially open for business, you must create at least one listing for

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