Wobbly focus

I'm still feeling weird and not settled. Last night I slept well, lots of weird dreams, lots of drool. My alarm went off at its usual time, but my body tried its hardest to not notice it. My brain had to yell and jab me awake with the knowledge that I had to get up. So I did. It was hard. Today is Thursday. In two days is A___'s Oregon wedding. I think this and the lady hormones are at fault for disrupting my ability to do anything. But since the wedding is in a couple days I need to do laundry today so everyone has underthings and pants to wear and the new shirts don't cause allergic reactions to dye. We've opted out of game night tomorrow. I might have already said that, I don't remember.

Gyros, complements, and craft representation.

Last week I made myself get out of the house and wasn't allowed back in until I had to pick up the little man from school. The time was spent walking around because I also had to do something physical so I walked from my house to downtown. Shopping, breathing, and eating were on the agenda. For lunch I tried a new Mediterranean restaurant. The owner was a very gregarious man, asked if it was my first time eating there. I said it was and that I was hungry and he told me what I was gong to get. He took care of me and threw in a complementary side of sweety, nutty, flaky things. He commented on my dress and asked if I was a musician. I said no. Then he asked if I was an artist because I looked

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