Nearing Craft Show Season

A week of many small victories. My pile of knitted things is blocking and nearly dry on our guest bed, the door closed to keep Helpful Cat from kneading and rolling in an attempt to expedite the process (or so she thinks). Almost all our Halloween decorations are out and up, pumpkins acquired fresh from the patch, awaiting the day, probably mid-next-week, when they can have their brains scooped out and faces carved into their tough flesh. Oh, and I knitted the one more hat that I wanted to knit, which is now in the blocking room, in final preparations for holiday craft show season to start. Yaaaay! My first show is in two weeks, the weekend after Halloween. Here are the details: Philomath Fr

OooOooo . . . oil pastels!

Alright. A blog post. It's still Thursday. I've more or less declared Thursdays as blogging days. Since I've only done one, after the pseudo-declaration, it's too early to start failing at this. Time to write about crafty things! This week I started my e-course exercises (written, not jumping jacks) and was rewarded with being able to get to the collage and painting and drawing and oil pasteling. I wrote words that have encouraging meaning to me that will be incorporated into the piece next week. I'm proud of my arting! Looook! My first time using real oil pastels. Kinda tricky but kind of fun.​ Something I 've realized with taking this course, I have a lot of knowledge and skills in the mix

Post-Productive Week Fallout

What do I want to talk about? I'm having kind of a hard week. Nothing really bad has happened. This is what happens right after I've had a good, extremely productive period. (And I am fighting off germies because everyone everywhere is sick.) This is the fallout and it's annoying but just how things work in my world these days. I don't really want to go into detail about mental health issues, though, because it will drag me down more than is necessary. No need to worry, though. Most likely I'll feel better next week. So what sorts of creaitve things have I done this week? I added a couple things to my to-be-blocked pile of knitted things, a scarf and pair of mitts. The e-course I signed up f

Lots of Big, New Things

It may appear, based on the lack of recent blog posts and projects updates that I have been slacking. But this is not true! I have been a busy monkey setting up lots of new things, updating unloved Etsy shops, and even knitting. Since my last post here I have set up a Facebook page for Craft Adventures Studio, a Twitter account (@AnchovyKnits), and an Instagram feed (@CraftAdventuresStudio). Anchovy Knits has seen a pile of new things added and has another pile of new things waiting to be blocked and also added. Both Etsy shops have nice, new banners, shop profile photos, and other technical tweaks here and there. I've been gathering supplies for a new e-course I've signed up for that starts

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