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Amy Decker: that's me, a Crafty Adventurer, someone who must create to thrive. I've been a stay-at-home mom and homemaker for many years and have used making as a way to keep myself sane. I crave mental stimulation, using that brain for more than folding laundry.

So I make. I have always made. It is part of me. It's what I do and what I'm meant to do. I share my work here and on the social media to inspire others and because it's a way to get my work out there. I love when others make stuff too and if my work can help inspire or encourage others to make something, that's awesome. Make stuff, you guys!

Someday I hope to have a creative business of sorts, an official one. But I have yet to figure out exactly what that needs to look like for me. Maybe it will involve licensing products: put my doodles or mixed media art on things that you could buy at a store. I'm still figuring out where I'm going with all this, more exploring yet to do.


I like it best when I can be spontaneous and playful and I think that comes across even when I feel like I'm not those things. I love colors. To me they are life. They have a fun energy, stimulating. I love finding narrative as I work. It can all be spontaneous and random but there is sense found in it and you don't always know what it is at first. It's revealed as you go, and depth and meaning emerge and become a cohesive whole. Even in the crazy chaos, you can find those common strands that connect, or two different ones that still fit together in a special way and then make perfect sense. This is often experienced in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. One of the reasons I love being a Dungeon Master. It happens in writing. (I tend to be a stream-of-consciousness writer.) It happens with the mixed media art. The journals: finding the right pieces that just go together. Making yarn: I love dumping different textures and colors together, and it can become this completely functional yarn that can then become a completely functional and beautiful scarf or pair of mitts.


It is magic. And that is why I create. It's the best.


Other things I like in life:

  • food (BS in food management from Oregon State University)

  • boardgames (favorites are Elder Sign and Agricola)

  • Critical Role

  • most recent obsession: The Witcher (books, tv, video game)

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