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Amy Decker: that's me, a Crafty Adventurer. I just like making stuff. It helps me thrive.

The main driving forces when I create: spontaneity, playfulness, experimentation, and mental health exploration. Looking at my art, you will see colors. Lots of them. To me they are life. They have a fun, stimulating energy. As I work I love finding narrative. It can all be spontaneous and random but there is sense found in it and I don't always know what it is at first. It's revealed as I go, and depth and meaning emerge. Even in the crazy chaos, one can find those common strands that connect, or two different ones that still fit together in a special way and make perfect sense. This is often experienced in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. One of the reasons I love being a Dungeon Master. It happens in writing. It happens with the mixed media art. The journals: finding the right pieces that just go together. Making yarn: I love dumping different textures and colors together, and it can become this completely functional yarn that can then become a completely functional and beautiful scarf or pair of mitts.


It is magic. And that is why I create. It's the best.


Other things I like in life:

  • food (BS in food management from Oregon State University)

  • boardgames (favorites are Elder Sign and Agricola)

  • Dropout TV

  • working part time at TJ Maxx

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