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Nearing Craft Show Season

A week of many small victories. My pile of knitted things is blocking and nearly dry on our guest bed, the door closed to keep Helpful Cat from kneading and rolling in an attempt to expedite the process (or so she thinks). Almost all our Halloween decorations are out and up, pumpkins acquired fresh from the patch, awaiting the day, probably mid-next-week, when they can have their brains scooped out and faces carved into their tough flesh. Oh, and I knitted the one more hat that I wanted to knit, which is now in the blocking room, in final preparations for holiday craft show season to start. Yaaaay! My first show is in two weeks, the weekend after Halloween. Here are the details:

Philomath Frolic & Rodeo

Holiday Craft Fair

Saturday, November 7th 9am-5pm

& Sunday, November 8th 10am-3pm


Accepting food/money donations for local food bank

Philomath Elementary School 239 S. 16th Philomath, Oregon

85+ vendors

Breakfast & Lunch available

Proceeds go to local charitable organizations

For more information call Marilyn at (541) 740-7955 / (541) 929-3133 or email

If you're in the area, stop by and find me in the gym. I'll have all my Anchovy Knits and Crafty Adventurer stuff for sale. Patrons of my arts and crafts can use the Etsy promo code in person, just tell me the secret words and you'll receive whatever percentage off I've decided on for November. I am three-quarters of the way to my first goal, as of this moment right now as I am writing these words. And that's also one of my small victories, being close to my first Patreon goal. Interested in becoming a patron? Have no idea what I'm talking about? Go here, to my Patreon page, and read and watch to find out.

I think I'm rambling a bit, getting off track . . . Anyway! My friend, Jen, will be joining me at the craft show, selling a few crocheted accessories and cross-stitched baby items. She is in the process of adopting a baby and is hoping to make a little extra money to go towards her adoption fund. If you are interested in helping her out, she has a GoFundMe account where you can read up more and donate to her cause.

And, since I'm all over the place here with sharing my week's victories, I was a brave Mama and approached some ladies after yoga yesterday, offering the brochures and telling them about what they are and what I do and was happy that they were happy to take them. Now I'm hoping they'll find my stuff and my work and have a look around. Maybe spread the word by sharing with some of their friends and family. I am excited to spread the tales of Craft Adventures.

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