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(Written out by hand first and then transcribed here.) So what have I been up to? I should probably share my recent projects and near future plans. As of right now, at this very moment, I am hepped up on coffee, twitchy, and can see my son in the other room flooding his Minecraft world with lava. I am having a breather while my caffinated heart beats excitdly in my chest. I have just comleted creating a Facebook page for Craft Adventures Studio (go ahead and look up "Craft Adventures Studio" next time you're updating your Facebook status), a place for the public to go and see my updates and ramblings about my site and Etsy shops. Speaking of Etsy shops! . . . I have been adding products like

Impulsive arting

I made some art! For my birthday last week I was gifted some Caran d'Ache Neocolor I Metallic Artist Crayons. To try them out, I grabbed the Country Living magazine off my coffee table and flipped through until something spoke to me and then I drew it. I sketched out with a pencil, inked quickly with an extra fine Sharpie, painted the bucket with watered down acrylic paint, The galvanized inside rim and handles are mostly the crayons with some Prisma markers to fill in gaps. I made the label from my painted papers, as shown on my Mixed Media Skills page. Doodled a quick girl for the seal in the center for dimension, layered on top of the papers. I am very proud of this. The crayons are cool

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