2015 Review

Today I made a video. I talked about my 2015 goals and projects and priorites as posted on a corkboard I kept on the wall by my computer. Until the board warped and wouldn't stick to the wall any more. Then it sat on the desk propped up by my left computer speaker. Here is the video, about 25 minutes long because I just had lots of things to say: You can also watch the video on YouTube. The quality might be better. I'm about to start my next Spirit Wings angel, so here is my third completed angel, Angel of Community:

Big Magic the Gathering

My mind is racing with all the thoughts, so we'll see if I can make any sense out of some of them. Man, has this been an intense couple of months. My body rebelled earlier this week and said, "NO! STOP DOING THINGS!" so I gave in. Not much creativity going on. Or so I thought. . . . It turns out my creative energy was diverted from the usual writing, mixed media-ing, knitting, to something I haven't done in a very long time: making Magic (the Gathering) decks and playing Magic and being excited about Magic. I made six decks in two days! That is ridiculous! And then I was frustrated and bored with making them on the third day and had no ideas and mad about that. Why couldn't I do it any more?

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