Ignoring Naughty Brain Demons

(First written on Thursday, March 17, 2016.) A couple days ago I came up with the idea of writing what I think about while making stuff. I always show what I'm doing but not so much what goes on in my head. And then wrote down some of those things, all eager to add more substance to my post. And I could take photos of objects or nature scenes in my yard that represented those ideas, to push myself, challenge myself, to be all deep and artistic and such. Now I'm in a better, more normal, mood. The depression funk that settled in last week has lifted somewhat. All the things I wrote down were negative insecurities and my thought was to talk about them and then turn them around, rephrase them i

Snails and Zombies, My Friends

Lots of stupid depression biting me in the brain this week. Worn out from the constant intense dreams all night, every night and have just now learned that they're anxiety dreams, annoying things that have kept up off and on, mostly on, since coming off and while being on the SSRI. I'll figure out what to do or let them run their course. I don't know. But to combat the brain demons I chased myself out of the house for a tasty chai downtown at Tried & True Coffee. An attempt to conquer, or at least ignore, the existential issues that poopy depression digs up whenever it visits. A friend of mine has just opened up an Etsy shop selling digital cross stitch patterns. Cats, neat motifs, and geek

Current Events are Breaking my Brain

The constant of politics is making me crazy. Even the Instagram has politics seeping in which is usually a happy place for me. Barf. I have my opinions but am registered as non-partisan or no party affiliation or something so all this stuff doesn't have anything to do with me right now. (I will vote when the time comes in November, though. Don't start lecturing me!) And I hate politics SO. MUCH. I get this tight, anxiety clenching in my gut whenever it comes up which is quite often these days. Ugh. And my brain has been fixating on it today, making me feel all defensive for no reason. I need to drink more water and do other things than check Facebook. So here's a blog post. It's lunchtime, a

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