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Current Events are Breaking my Brain

The constant of politics is making me crazy. Even the Instagram has politics seeping in which is usually a happy place for me. Barf. I have my opinions but am registered as non-partisan or no party affiliation or something so all this stuff doesn't have anything to do with me right now. (I will vote when the time comes in November, though. Don't start lecturing me!) And I hate politics SO. MUCH. I get this tight, anxiety clenching in my gut whenever it comes up which is quite often these days. Ugh. And my brain has been fixating on it today, making me feel all defensive for no reason. I need to drink more water and do other things than check Facebook. So here's a blog post. It's lunchtime, and I have forced myself out of the house, walking to the nearby Vietnamese restaurant, Kimhoa's, to get tasty food and coffee and write out some words.

Last night was the last art journal class session. We worked on lettering and words, adding layers with stencils, stamps, and handwriting, using various pens and pencils to add embellishments and interest to otherwise plain, simple words. I chose to repeat the word "Sponge" all over a page but did not have time to do much alteration.

I'm sad the class has ended. The time went by so fast, not seeming like eight weeks at all. Maybe five. Not eight. Humph. But I can keep working on the journal. It needs lots more stuff and some coherency added, some completeness because it is not at all. Complete, I mean.

Speaking of ending, I busted out the beaded shrug and a gray cotton knitted tank top, both of which now need soaking and blocking. Although you don't block cotton the way you do wool but I'm going to anyway because I'm naughty that way. Plus, the top is ugly and doesn't fit so I'll probably end up selling it. The shrug will go to its recipient, and I really hope it fits her. That's the next nerve-wracking step. I had enough beads, though, and a few left over. Photos to follow later of shrug. Here's the ugly tank:

The other day while looking through an Anthropologie catalog, addressed to the previous homeowner, I was inspired to pull out a sketchbook and try out some pattern doodles. The shapes and prints in the fabrics and home decor crawled into my brain and wanted to come out on to paper.

I filled a page with ideas to use as a reference in future if I want to make marks beyond dashed and dotted lines and scribbles.

I'm feeling lazy and uninspired today so I'm not going into as much detail about stuff this week. But you saw some pictures and read some words so I have still succeeded at making a blog post. Yay! Now I eat my chicken and noodles. Good bye.

Writing is hard today. This is me trying to do anything:

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