Working Towards Creative Closure

Okay, blog post. Nothing really big to share this week. Mostly some progress updates, some cool books, and a friend/family arts plug. I started the week in complete zombie mode and so failed at doing anything that wasn't sitting on the couch and looking through magazines and books. It wasn't until yesterday (Wednesday) that I got back to the crud pile in the driveway. Today I did even more work: four wheelbarrow loads today and three yesterday. It's shrinking, even noticeably, but I won't get through it all this week as I'd hoped. Yesterday I started and made good progress on the sixth and final angel for Kelly Rae Robert's Spirit Wings course. I'm not taking as much time or doing any extend

Clearing the Crud

Yep, it's been awhile since I've shared anything. With preparations for my International Tabletop Day party one week, recovering from con crud from my own con the next week, I had to put the blog on hold. But! I am back! And here with an update on my activities. Since I've been up to lots of things I will have a summarized photodump towards the end of this post. It might be messy, though. If I don't I will lose interest in going into detail about anything and then there would be no point in this blog post. So, my current big project is tackling the giant crud pile in the driveway. Early last year we had a big sweet gum tree that decided it would be fun to try to murder people. Luckily, it fa

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