Tipping Over into Productivity?

It's been kind of a screwy week since my previous post. Struggling to sort out my projects and dealing with the lack of focus and funk. Yesterday I broke through, though. I went out for a tasty lunch at Bellhop downtown because I needed to not be in the house any more. And I didn't like people very much. Sometimes that happens. My French dip sandwich and salad were delicious, filling but also a bit of greenery for a balanced meal. Because: holidays. After eating, some mental struggle and the start of a stupid panic attack triggered by knitting. It's dumb because knitting is supposed to be the opposite of a panic attack trigger. So dumb. I just wanted to work on some mitts. I ordered a tea, t

It's Been a While

Here I am after the holidays, recovering mentally and eager to start my own projects again. The other day I was even struck with the urge to write a blog post after months of not. We've had snow days so no school and delayed starts, a longer break due to weather and snow. With the craft show preparations, I didn't have the chance or time to start working on new things or fix up other things that need changing. Life has been weird and enlightening and I'm doing better now that I know and understand some important things and this is allowing me to feel freer, more free to focus on and work towards these things for me. But right now I'm having trouble starting and now that I have some time to m

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