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Snails and Zombies, My Friends

Lots of stupid depression biting me in the brain this week. Worn out from the constant intense dreams all night, every night and have just now learned that they're anxiety dreams, annoying things that have kept up off and on, mostly on, since coming off and while being on the SSRI. I'll figure out what to do or let them run their course. I don't know.

But to combat the brain demons I chased myself out of the house for a tasty chai downtown at Tried & True Coffee. An attempt to conquer, or at least ignore, the existential issues that poopy depression digs up whenever it visits.

A friend of mine has just opened up an Etsy shop selling digital cross stitch patterns. Cats, neat motifs, and geek representation. Go check her out at SkycladNerd. You'll be glad you did.

Cleaning out the knitting bag: complete. I think. I finished up the snail in a couple days.

And after looking through the sweater pattern and quantity of yarn bought, I have determined, with the emotional support and agreement of a friend, that it would not have worked out. Not enough yarn for the size I should really knit instead of the one I thought I should knit. The yarn will go to something else that's yet to be determined. I haven't actually dug through the bag, though, to confirm it is finally devoid of projects. I know there are darning instructions so I can tackle repairing the many socks with holes that have been piled up for months and years. But not yet.

Instead of darning, I've decided to start working on a batch, five or six, of zombie plushies wearing handknit sweaters. I've made two a couple years ago for myself.

Looking at them makes me happy. Look at them! I'm working on the turtleneck sweaters right now, two completed and a third well on its way. After knitting sweaters, I will sew enough pairs of pants, jeans or funky retro patterns,or pretty floral prints, whatever makes me gleeful.

Over the weekend I worked on a mixed media piece, covering up the boring background and smearing layers of paint and stencils and doodles, and avoiding the areas I want untouched. This is me trying to practice the techniques and skills learned from my art journaling class and then reinforced by that book I mentioned a few posts back, Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora S. Bowley.

So I will keep on keeping on. Look forward to Zombies in Sweaters progress in the next blog post. Byeee!

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