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Latest Crafty Updates

(Written out by hand first and then transcribed here.)

So what have I been up to? I should probably share my recent projects and near future plans. As of right now, at this very moment, I am hepped up on coffee, twitchy, and can see my son in the other room flooding his Minecraft world with lava. I am having a breather while my caffinated heart beats excitdly in my chest. I have just comleted creating a Facebook page for Craft Adventures Studio (go ahead and look up "Craft Adventures Studio" next time you're updating your Facebook status), a place for the public to go and see my updates and ramblings about my site and Etsy shops.

Speaking of Etsy shops! . . . I have been adding products like crazy over the last week to the newer, second shop: The Crafty Adventurer. Check it out for journals, notebooks, plushies, bags, and gift tags, and random other thigns. You'll be glad you did!

I continue to do my morning writing as mentioned in my Project: Me. My progress through The Artist's Way has slowed (i.e. stopped) but I intend to get back to it when I have fewer other crafty things going on.

The yoga class is going very well. I've been doing it almost a month now and last night I learned that I can reach up into the air as high as my husband who is four inches taller than me. My posture no longer resembles a plump praying mantis. My back is straight and my shoulders are aligned with my sides and not rolled to the front. Yay! And my brain is doing a little better. There is a hint of calmness there that has not existed in a very long time. Yoga is a magical thing!

And, finally, the thing I am working towards is starting up a Patreon account. Setting one up is fairly involved and requires thinking and time and making a video. I have decided that before I can focus on doing this I really need to finsih up at least one big project. I'm going to get my Etsy shops stocked up and set to just sit and exist on their own and then I think my brain will be free to focus more clearly on the Patreon material. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Patreon is a crowd-source funding platform for people who make things. (You can follow the link above to watch a short explanatory video.) It is a way for creative types to reach out to others who enjoy their art and can show support by becoming a patron and donating a monthly or one-time bit of moneys. As I've said before, I'll post more details at a later date. This is a big thing that makes me nervous because I am embarrassed and uncomfortable asking people for money. Either way, though, I will continue making and sharing whether money comes in or not.

But, really, money helps and if I can make some by doing what I like, that would be a very awesome and wonderful thing.

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