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OooOooo . . . oil pastels!

Alright. A blog post. It's still Thursday. I've more or less declared Thursdays as blogging days. Since I've only done one, after the pseudo-declaration, it's too early to start failing at this. Time to write about crafty things!

This week I started my e-course exercises (written, not jumping jacks) and was rewarded with being able to get to the collage and painting and drawing and oil pasteling. I wrote words that have encouraging meaning to me that will be incorporated into the piece next week. I'm proud of my arting! Looook! My first time using real oil pastels. Kinda tricky but kind of fun.​

Something I 've realized with taking this course, I have a lot of knowledge and skills in the mixed medias. Lots of techniques. My toolbox is spilling over with neat things to use in making pretty pictures. I really should start putting all this into practice more and see how my style develops--which is, coincidentally, part of what came out of the soul-searching written exercises. I really just need to start doing. I don't need to spend so much time watching and reading about mixed media techniques. I am ready to do this thing! The one thing, though, that's holding me back more than anything is the not knowing what to make. I could do whatever I want, but I don't know what I want to do. I'm hoping this class sparks something. Or maybe my attention has just been on other things and if I start doing with the intention that that's what I'm doing now . . . maybe? Maybe that would be enough?

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