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Lots of Big, New Things

It may appear, based on the lack of recent blog posts and projects updates that I have been slacking. But this is not true! I have been a busy monkey setting up lots of new things, updating unloved Etsy shops, and even knitting. Since my last post here I have set up a Facebook page for Craft Adventures Studio, a Twitter account (@AnchovyKnits), and an Instagram feed (@CraftAdventuresStudio). Anchovy Knits has seen a pile of new things added and has another pile of new things waiting to be blocked and also added. Both Etsy shops have nice, new banners, shop profile photos, and other technical tweaks here and there. I've been gathering supplies for a new e-course I've signed up for that starts tomorrow. (I'll share details later with a new Active Quest.) And the biggest, most exciting and anxiety-inducing of all, setting up a Patreon account in hopes of kind friends and family members and maybe even strangers who would like to support me and my craftiness. I'm very proud of my page, typing all those words, posting pretty photos, and making a couple videos and showing the world my face and letting it hear my voice saying, "Please help me." This is all crazy stuff and I don't know if any of it will go anywhere, but they are all things to try. I'm really liking the Instagram, especially its ability to post on all the social network sites at once. So easy! And the feed is so clean and streamlined.

At this moment in time, I'm setting up links and addresses to my Patreon page and updating contact information. In doing so, it has come to my attention that my Contact Page is very sad and uninteresting. I'm making a mental note to fix that up one of these days. As part of the Patreon thing, I'm going to try to push myself to work on this site more often, make it a priority and the place I want it to be, showcasing and sharing the stuff I do. Hopefully new things will start popping up in the near future.

Go lookit my Patreon page and watch the video because I'm proud of it. Thank you!

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