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Briefly Opening the Fog Curtain

I might have said something like this in another recent post, but it's what I wrote down on this eye-retina-searing pink sticky note as a topic for this week:

And now that I've shared this, I don't really know what else to say about it, to expand or explain. It's straightforward, right? For example, reading and discussing Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic, with my friend, especially the most recent section entitled "Permission", in regards to living creatively and making things. I have given myself permission, it's definitely in there, in the deep recesses in my brain . . . or is it? Maybe it's not? I don't know. Now I am doubting myself because this is how I am today. . . Talking about it with my friend, I said it could be just because of this time of year. It's always hard to do things that are for "just because". The holidays, craft shows, all the end of the year stuff that require preparation and planning and thought, they always suck energy and inspiration away for other things. In fact, right now I am struggling with keeping my thoughts clear to get these words down before the fog curtain pulls shut again. My friend also said it seem like my Dungeons and Dragons adventure work seems more like a January or February kind of thing. Deep down I knew this, but I hated to admit it out loud, that one of my goals for the year, just one last goal, would not be met. But, you know, in reality, that is just one goal of the many I set for myself this year. The fact I have met all the others--or will by the end of the year--is awesome, and I'm proud of myself for what I seem to have started here for me.

The few things I made this week: a pair of mitts, almost a second pair of mitts, and spun the rest of some happy colored wool that has yet to be soaked to take all the crinkles out.

My next craft show is in two weeks, and next Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I'd better get on the prep when I can. Luckily, I can sit and watch YouTube videos and episodes of Critical Role while I do my work which is mostly fun anyway. Wins all around! Unless you're Wil Wheaton playing D&D!

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