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I Just Wanna Skyrim

Despite going through post-busy-time fallout, I am sticking with my intention of a weekly blog post. Go me! After the lead up to and actual vending at the craft show, I am ready to hide away from the world, do nothing productive, and "test" my new monitor further by playing Skyrim (years later than everyone else, as my usual when it comes to video games) for all the days. Typing last week's post made me realize that looking at my monitor makes my face try to explode so now I have a new one that doesn't, and it's wonderful to do things on the computer when you don't have pain in your face whenever you look at it. Luxury!

The craft show went about as well as it usually does, as far as sales go, which is not many but enough to cover the booth fee and a little, very little, over that. As with Patreon, I'm putting three-quarters of my earnings--that's three-fourths, not three twenty-five-cent coins-- towards bills and the rest goes to supplies. So, very, very little for supplies. But! What I lack in sales, I experience lots of other nice, different things. The highlight was when another vendor recognized my name, someone I had never met. She was nice and featured one or a few of my things in some Etsy posts. She sells mostly homemade jellies and a few other things like handspun yarn. This is her Etsy shop, Iddell Dew Gardens. Okay, another highlight was hanging out with one of my oldest (duration of friendship, not age) friends. She sold a couple washcloths in the process. I talked with lots of people, found inspiration by seeing some of the other vendors' wares, one told me about a cool place in Eugene, OR, where she gets her paper crafts supplies, called MECCA. I intend to make a trip there someday to check it out.

And only one day was spent staving off anxiety and panic attacks. I had a whole day of craft showing while feeling good and fine and normal. A huge win!

After it was all over and we loaded all my booth into the car, I pulled out from behind the school and was greeted with this:

I'll have a few things to fix and make in preparation for the bigger and final show early next month. But for now I'm not worrying about that because as I said before, dealing with the fallout now. It's how these things go. I'm feeling fine, just don't wanna do anything for a few days.

The final thing on my sharing list is that I shipped off the first round of gnomes to my first set of patrons on Patreon. Packaging up and sending off stuff I've made is fun for me. Look how happy these little bundles are:

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