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Craft Show on the Brain

Another busy week. I'm having trouble keeping everything straight, all the small projects I want to finish this week. But, you know what? This has been a really good week. As of this moment in time, I feel like I'm finally defeating those demons that have gnawed on my brain for the last many years. And I'm happy this feeling has lasted more than a day and even more than a week. There have been a few bad periods, but they have only lasted a day. It's so awesome to have the bads for a day and the goods for most of the time. So much better. Not to say this is how it will always be, but for now, it's so nice.

I have a list of things to write about, but my brain is scattered because I have the craft show this weekend and have discovered that I was not as prepared for it as I thought. I found a whole pile of things that needed price tags and packaging, and now that's all done so I think my stuff is ready to sell. Tomorrow I set up and will get everything loaded up earlier in the day. In the meantime I should pile stuff, all my display pieces and supplies and products, get them ready to go out the door before the last minute.

Early this week I finished up my Angel of Whispers, angel #1, for Kelly Rae Robert's Spirit Wings online course. The first steps were really fun, but when it came time to do the wings, yeah, that was hard. But I persevered and am very happy with the final results. Yay! This week we're preparing for the second angel, Angel of Courage. I've gone through the material but haven't sat down to do the written work yet. Again, craft show is coming; focus is wobbly.

My friend and I started reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. We've assigned ourselves the first two parts and will get together next week to discuss what we feel we should discuss, like a tiny book club! I got so excited about it, I grabbed a journal to keep notes in and have been writing notes as I read just because that's how I am. So far, so good.

The final thing on my list is a silly thing I tried to do. In the spirit of NaNoWriMo, I decided to clean my typewriter, service it, myself. I watched a YouTube video, skimmed over a couple blogs and websites and gave it a go. It went alright. Kind of sucked. But I got all the parts moving okay and oiled everything with my spinning wheel oil because it's in a convenient squeezy tube with long applicator needle. Closed up the typewriter, loaded the ribbon, stuck some paper in . . . and it worked just as poorly as before. [Insert sad trombone.] I don't know if it's the ribbon or the mechanics for the ribbon feed, but I'm sure it's something to do with one or both of those. I'll poke at it more later, but not too much later, because I want it for NaNo-ing soon. It makes writing lots of words much faster and easier, less painful, and makes neat sounds in the process. So, poops, I'll look into it next week when I don't have craft fairs to think lots about.

Those are my things to say for now. See you next week!

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