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Pretending to be Part of the Working World

Today I am trying a new thing. I'm cashing in my first day of access to a new creative workspace that opened up downtown called Foundry. I've walked by a few times, peeked in the window. A clean, simple, efficient space that perked up my curiosity. During December I entered a giveaway on Instagram to win one of these five-day uses of the space, which seemed like a really good way to try it out without committing monetarily. While a reasonable set of prices, I don't have tons of extra money to try something that I might not use or have it work out for me. I was excited that I won, got apps and things set up on my phone after contacting the guy in charge, all excited to give it a go. But, as I said, this was December. Not likely to happen in the busiest month of the year. So I mentally planned on January. But then January didn't work out at all. Now it's February, and I've finally had a day to come and check it out. I'm on a high, red, metal stool at a large table, drinking chocolate from the coffee shop one block over, and my new netbook opened up and ready to go.

As usual, I'm writing this all out by hand first because that's how it works for me. I will type right away. Two other people in here, the guy in charge and another guy working. I'm not very sociable but did meet another person when I first got here. It's quiet, stocked with drinks and snacks, I think, with this large work table that I have to myself right now. And here I am writing a blog post. Yoga was cancelled so I got here earlier than expected and worked on sorting out all my shops and Patreon, breaking down the work for each thing, into manageable pieces, to get them all to how I want them to be. The work didn't seem so bad or as much as I thought. My website, though, is going to require more thought and then lots of work. I don't have a clear enough idea on what I want to do with it, how I'd like it set up.

It's weird being out in the world. I see all these businessy people dressed up in work clothes. I'm in jeans, my Embrace Your Weird t-shirt, Critical Role hoodie, and knitted, sparkly scarf. I have inserted myself into a world I don't usually have a part in. And I'm still not interacting much with others. I'm shy and awkward right now. Maybe another time I won't be.

So, anyway, I'm giving this a try. I like it today. I will definitely give it another go later. Like I said, this is the first of five days. Trying these things to get my Craft Adventures going again, or more, or something.

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