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Beaded Tubes and Blobby Birds

Yesterday I started feeling kind of poopy. Woke up this morning feeling fine until I got out of bed, that stupid fatigue kind of sick that you forget about until you stand up and try to do anything. Thanks for sharing, Husband. But it's not too big of a deal because the thought of sitting on the couch, reading, cross stitching, knitting, Netflix, and maybe even some writing sounded pretty good. I did exactly one of those things before getting distracted with ideas for some mix cds, writing down lists of bands and singers and songs, going over to the cd shelf, scanning for ideas, crouching to see the low shelves, standing for the higher ones, crouching again, standing. And then made myself go back to the couch because that was hard and I need to rest up for game night tomorrow (as long as I'm well enough). So now I have three lists for cds, two of which might be long enough for two more. And then there's the other list I've been slowly building over a few years. I don't know if I'll get around to compiling any today since I'm the kind of person who has to get the track order just right. If I do follow through, I'll share what I come up with in a blog post where you can see, nod sagely, or groan loudly in disgust and/or disagreement.

Here's a picture of socks I finally finished after not working them for a couple years. Huzzah!

Knitted from Jarbo Garn's Mini Raggi in the magenta/fuscia/gray/white colorway, bought at what was called The Rose and Ram and is now Rosemary Ridge Yarn and Fiber in Independence, OR. The pattern is Supernova by Chrissy Gardiner, published in Indie Socks. My yarn's colorway closely resembled the one used in the pattern which is probably why I chose Supernova. That seems right.

I'm enjoying the knitting again and it felt really good to get those socks off the needles and out of the knitting bag. Now I'm working on the other project that's been languishing for a couple years.

One person in particular will be happy to know I'm working on it again. Progress is slow with all the beads, but it's actually moving along now instead of not. Project details to follow at a later date when I feel like it.

The other day, as I sat at my computer working on the beaded tube, I listened to The Stash Podcast, catching up on the last few episodes, hosted by my local yarn store owner and knitting buddy from those last days at Borders (*sigh*), Sonia Ruyts. She and a guest talk about knitting (obviously), creative businesses, and getting real about life and such. you should give it a listen on iTunes if these sorts of topics appeal to you and because Sonia is cool. And you should go to Stash in Corvallis or check out their new online store if you aren't in the area.

This week I'm waiting for a call (hooray it came!) that my oil sticks order has come in at the little art shop and gallery downtown. I've worked on my next Spirit Wings angel, Angel of Truth, up to the point of needing the oil sticks. Here she is so far:

I have to say, so far, I think it's awesome, apart from the creepy blank face and neck.

In my art journaling class we did image transfers into our journals, transferring black and white toner-printed pictures via gel medium onto the page. One method worked better for me than the other. Better one?

Or better two?

I'm excited to keep going on the journal. Got some good advice and help from my instructor for the collage girl page. Maybe next time I'll have more complete journal pages to share. We will see.

That is all. =)

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