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The CraftyAdventurer is Open for Business!

A wonderfully productive week: I brainstormed, prioritized, and followed through. After a successful game day party and completion of a couple commissioned projects, my motivation stuck around to make progress on my year's goals. Jennibellie posted this video on dealing with large projects. Inspiration and encouragement! I'm using a binder with notebook paper to keep all my ideas in one place, all the ideas for my two Etsy shops (CraftyAdventurer and Anchovy Knits) and website (

I created a Priorities list and accomplished everything I felt was necessary for the start of the projects: brainstorm and sketch potential logos, compile a list and gather all my current products for CraftyAdventurer, add five listings to that shop, get the shop set up for business (update greetings, information, and policies), and look up how to build a light box and then build a light box. I built two lightboxes and bought a new camera (Canon PowerShot SX700) because I was determined to have better product photos. I'm really excited about how well they've turned out. I mean, look:

Just this week I've made all these steps to get a good, solid start on my personal projects. I have many, many other crafty projects in progress, but I feel the website and blog and two Etsy shops are crucial areas to have functional and looking good so I can use them as receptacles for sharing and showing the other crafty projects. They are my online bases, my online homes. Awww, so homey. =)

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