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I wrote this yesterday (journal)

Outside in my craft garden, sitting at my bistro table in the sunshine. The paper is blinding me with its reflective whiteness. My brain gears are chugging along but I’m not entirely sure what the outcome will be. I don’t know what conclusions they’ll derive from whatever is fueling them.

Today on Tumblr I saw a post about alternatives to the site should something happen to it. I suspect that it’s only a matter of time. Maybe I should backup all the stuff I’ve posted, especially the brain dumps that weren’t written out first. Maybe it is time to publish Craft Adventures Studio, make it live and add my future Tumblr content to it. Time to venture out on my own and create my own space. I think I want at least a couple project pages set up though, if I’m going to do that. It’s okay to have a few broken links at the stat. I can even just copy and paste relevant text from my Tumblr page. In fact tomorrow might be a good day to start if the weather’s going to be all gray and blah. Maybe today I can write out little bits to type up when I’m ready to sit at the computer for a while. I’ll get out my sticky notes right now and look over them and let my little brain percolate.

(A list of secret notes goes here.)

This is the time! The organization is falling into place. It’s important to just start and not do it all at once. You can do this, Mama. This is your thing that shows the world that you don’t just sit around all day. You don’t just clean the house unsuccessfully and you aren’t “just Mama”. You are a crafty adventurer with many quests going on at one time. Woo!

Now go eat your leftover pizza.It will be slightly delicious.

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