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Active Quest: Picturebook Alteration

February 5, 2015:  Top photo: The flower parts were drawn on and cut from a mixed media background on watercolor paper from my Kelly Rae Roberts ecourse last year. Used PVA to adhere them to the page and drew stems and leaves with my grandpa’s hard pastels and a fat Pitt marker.


January 21, 2015:  Altering a kids’ picture book. Kind of stressful messing up a book with cute, happy pictures, but it was missing pages and messed up to begin with. This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. So when I had a day to myself, I holed up in my craft room and smeared paint, gesso, washi tape and scraps of paper all over most of the pages. I had watched a youtube video on prepping a book with background techniques. The first photo shows the beginnings of art journaling. The rest are most of the backgrounds I slapped together on my day. A few pages are left for altering on another day. You can see I left a few of the original pictures showing through, others you can see through the layers of gesso and acrylic paints. Mostly just trying different techniques and seeing if I can be brave and do this thing… . Yeah, it’s stressing me out. Once I do backgrounds, I have trouble creating content, interest. A challenge.

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